Spring EnchantmentSalt Bath


I created this scent accidently in a body roll on oil for myself but I fell in love with the scent so much I named it Spring Enchantment and decided it should be a signature fragrance for Missguided Queen.  A lovely scent that is floral and sweet with a musky base. It’s also great for muscle aches and to help replenish the skin. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Ingredients: Epsom salt,  Grapeseed oil, avocado oil, rose oil, rose essential oil, jasmine essential oil, orange essential oil, patchouli essential oil and dried rose petals.

Size: 16 Oz Jar –  Disclaimer: Contents may get shaken around during transit and this may cause buds on top to get buried. Please note: All Items are hand made in small batches so colors/scents may vary.

Instructions: Use as much of this as you wish for one bath, spread under warm/hot water.  For an added vibe, lock the door, add some candles and uplifting music. Invite spring and growth into your life.

Epsom Salt: Is a naturally occurring mineral found in water when the water evaporates, crystals are left. When reintroduced to water it breaks back down into Magnesium sulfate which our body absorbs. This is good to treat minor, sore muscles and sprains. Magnesium is found in this salt and It helps muscles contract and relax. Epsom salt helps to relax the muscles, reduce swelling, stiffness and pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout and various causes. It also helps promote over all relaxation and the release of toxins from our body.

Jasmine is popular for its sweet floral scent and it is best known as an aphrodisiac. Aside from that the smell is a mood booster for sure and has been shown to help reduce depression and anxiety symptoms through aromatherapy. For the skin Jasmine is antimicrobial; it can act as an antibacterial and antifungal (bath is great for women’s issues). You’ll be happy to know that Jasmine is considered antispasmodic and can help with muscle spams and cramps. (stomach cramps included here also for pms).  This is truly a feminine tool kit because in addition to the benefits above it is also hearsay that Jasmine helps with menopause symptoms AND may help to improve lactation.

Orange is one of my favorite citrus smells.  Like all the other citrus oils Orange has been used as household cleaning agents because of it’s clean scent and anti-microbial properties.  In Aromatherapy it is used as a mood booster for anxiety and depression symptoms. These benefits can be used in a bath also to help clean the skin for bacteria and candida while making you feel happy.

Patchouli has a musky earthy scent and is most widely known as the hippie smell. This is possibly because of the peaceful, grounding effect has. Did you know it is anti-inflammatory?   It helps with swelling and pain relief as part of it’s anti-inflammatory response. It is a vasodilator (opens blood vessels) so if you take blood thinners or have a recent surgery please be careful. Very helping for arthritis. Vasodilators also help with the skin leaving it looking tightened and firm due to increased blood flow. Men this one is for you too   .  The Patchouli plant is related to the family of other well-known aromatic plants, including Mint, Lavender, and Sage but it originated in South East Asia. Like these plants, Patchouli is calming and can be used to induce relaxation and aid with anxiety.

Roses have been used in beauty since the pharaohs lived in Egypt.  It has been used for ageing skin like a kind of fountain of youth( magical) because it has Antioxidants that help with regeneration of skin. Rose is also an anti-inflammatory and helps minimize redness and irritation. It is used in this recipe for the anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that soothe itchiness. Rose also adds a beautiful pink/red hue to your bath water and makes it shimmer like glitter. In Aromatherapy it is said to boost mood and be an aphrodisiac. Just a sexy scent.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 7 in


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