Pink Sugar Body Scrub


Sugar Scrubs help polish your skin for a warm summer glow. They also help the peeling process after a sunburn by removing the old skin and adding moisture to the new skin. Keep your skin looking lush with a fresh glow. Pink Sugar Aromatherapy for Devine Feminine Energy. Made with all natural ingredients and ZERO Preservatives.


Size 8 oz plastic jar

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Dried Strawberry Powder, Carrier oil blend of Grapeseed oil, Hempseed oil, Vanilla Almond oil & vitamin E oil. Essential oils such as rose, geranium, vanilla

Directions: Take fingers and dip into scrub, put scrub where you need exfoliation and rub in that area. Repeat as needed. Rinse when finished

Please take care and try to keep water from getting inside the jar. This will help your product last longer, since I do not add preservatives. With out water they can last forever with no issues other than drying up (6 months +). Just add whatever oil you have available to restore. You’ll use it all before then though, it smells so good!!

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