Botanical Body Oil Roller- Love Body Oil- Love Spell


Are you looking for love? Or do you want to smell sexy?


Using pheromone science the scents of Rose, Jasmine and Lavender are considered aphrodisiacs. Use this oil to smell like Roses, Jasmine or Lavender or use it to bring love into your life.  These oils were hand poured during a full moon to absorb extra energy and help you manifest love.


10 ml roller ball

Ingredients are carrier oil ( grapeseed oil) essential oil and infused botanicals. These are scented by essential oil and smell like the flower you pick =]

You can choose Rose – Jasmine – Lavender

Jasmine is popular for its sweet floral scent and it is best known as an aphrodisiac. Aside from that the smell is a mood booster for sure and has been shown to help reduce depression and anxiety symptoms through aromatherapy.  Tt is also hearsay that Jasmine helps with menopause symptoms AND may help to improve lactation. Spiritually Jasmine is used to attract spiritual love, prophetic dreams and raise yin (feminine) energy. In Society Jasmine flowers are often used in weddings in Asia and means love, beauty and purity.

Roses have been used in beauty since the pharaohs lived in Egypt.  It has been used for ageing skin like a kind of fountain of youth( magical) because it has Antioxidants that help with regeneration of skin. In Aromatherapy it is said to boost mood and be an aphrodisiac. Just a sexy scent.  Spiritually Roses are used for romantic love spells, self love and confidence.  In society Roses are a sign of romantic love.

Lavender was a favorite ingredient in herbal baths of both Greeks and Romans. I’ve heard that Cleopatra used lavender oil to seduce to both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.  It is known to entice calmness and relaxation.  Spiritually lavender is used in love spells, dream walking and protection from evil spirits. Socially Lavender is used everywhere these days and is mostly used in aromatherapy for its calming and relaxing properties.

How do essential oil roller balls work? –  Essential oil roll ons work if you just roll the ball across your skin. A small amount of oil will be deposited.

Where should you apply? –  You should apply the roller ball oil on your wrist, inside your elbows, or behind your ears.  You can also apply it to your neck, chest, temples and behind the knees.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × .5 × 1 in

Rose, Jasmine, Lavender


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