Citrus Spa Gift Set


For the women who love summer and enjoy the freshness of Orange and Lemon. Get pampered while the aroma energizes your mood. Hand crafted with sundried orange and lemon peels to put some pep in your mental health ,exfoliate the skin and relax the body.

Let me know if you need to add a note into the gift box. I would be happy to add any personal touches.

No artificial fragrances or colors –



1 16oz Citrus Epsom Salt Bath Soak
1 16oz Citrus Milk Bath with Epsom Salt
1 8oz Citrus Salt Scrub
1 4oz Citrus Foot Soak

Epsom Salt Bath- Epsom Salt- Blend of Carrier oils-( Grapeseed oil, Hempseed oil, Coconut oil and Vitamin E oil)- Sundried Orange Peels- Sundried Lemon Peels – Orange EO (Essential Oil) Lemon EO

Milk Bath- Powdered Milk, Epsom Salt, Blend of Carrier Oils, Sundried Orange & Lemon Peels- Orange EO-Lemon EO

Salt Scrub- Epsom Salt- Sea Salt- Himalayan Salt- Blend of Carrier Oils- Sundried Orange & Lemon Peels- Orange & Lemon EO

Fook Soak- Epsom Salt- Baking Soda – Blend of Heavy Carrier oils- Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, Olive Oil, Avocado oil & Vitamin E oil- Sundried Orange & Lemon Peels – Orange & Lemon EO



****Also if you like this gift set but would like it in a different scent please shoot me a message******


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