Author: MissGuidedQueen

Our trip to Boston, Massachusetts.

Hello again! I’m back with my favorite type of story, a traveling one. As you all know I absolutely love to travel. So for mother’s day this year we went on a random trip. One day I was playing with the google flights tracker and the cheapest direct flight from Charlotte (CLT) to anywhere in

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Panama City Beach, Florida

With one vacation cancelled in April due to the Corona Virus, I was not going to let it stop me again. I was in desperate need of a vacation after my boys not having in person school since March and myself still working daily. We choose Panama City Beach in Florida because we had never

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Lavender Vanilla Epsom Salt Bath Soak

With most of us staying home due to Covid-19 we’re getting less exercise and laying around more. This can make for sore muscles and unexplained aches and pains. This bath soak helps with sore muscles, while nourishing your skin and did i mention it smells great?! Feel free to use whatever essential oils you like

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