Top 10 Relaxing Colors

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It’s all about HOW to decorate. Usually wall colors are the first things to be picked out and all the other décor must act accordingly. Make sure you check out the Cozy Corner article for more home ideas.

Top 10 Relaxing Colors

#1. Sage Green

Greens are great calming colors. Sage is one of my favorite greens because it is so pale and light but calming.

#2. Deep Forest Green

Staying with Green for number 2 because I really love all things green. I really enjoy seeing this color on kitchen cabinets and in bathrooms. Check out 7 ways to make your bathroom a vibe for more about bathrooms. Greens speak to the heart chakra.

#3. Sky Blue

Blues are calming colors that correspond to the higher 3 chakras in our bodies. Light blues are good for relaxing spaces that have lots of natural light.

#4. Coral

Coral is a bright pinkish orange color that makes me immediately feel happy. It may not relate to any chakras but it makes me feels beachy. I’d love to see a coral paint in a girl’s bedroom, laundry room, or bathroom.

#5. Teal

Teal is another beachy color that makes me feel happy! This would be acceptable in any room that you want to open up and make bright.

#6. Sand/ Beige/Tan

Natural Colors are always going to be relaxing because we feel calm with natural earthy colors. A beige or Tan is acceptable in any space but most likely used in family spaces and bedrooms.

#7. Lavender

My bedroom is actually painted Lavender and I am in LOVE with it. Purple is normally such a deep color but lavender balances the light and feels warm and comforting. It is easy on lights and helps the eyes balance.

#8. Royal Blue

We’ve already established that blue is a calming color but royal blue is just that, royal. It will make you feel like a real life royal. I’d love this color in a bedroom, bathroom, play room or she shed.

#9. Baby Pink

Light pink is a relaxing color because it takes both passion and calmness to make pink. You can use it for more than a baby girls nursey. Ideally i would love it in a home office or a powder room.

#10. Grey

Grey is a common color but there are so many grey color choices. You can get grey with any color tint. You can pain this color anywhere and it will match anything.

That’s it for the top 10 relaxing colors. I hope you enjoyed learning about relaxing colors. Check out my Pinterest Page for more inspiration.


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