Nature Baths – Bath Series # 7

What are they & How can you use them?

man with feet in a hotspring with green swimming trubks

The term Nature Bath has yet to be used but my definition is any type of bath occurring in nature. This is a very broad term and encompasses quite a few different types. I have them below.

Types of Nature Baths

1. Forest Bathing

This is a quiet walk in nature with a 3o minute or longer break sitting in the forest quietly and observing the plants and animals. Known in Japan as Shinrin-Yoku. Just walking in nature can reduce stress and clear your mind.

2. Rain Bathing

This type includes fresh water swimming in natural lakes, rivers, streams or waterfalls and Salt water swimming in Oceans, salt lakes, gulfs or Seas. It has become popular to lay down in a thunderstorm and let the rain cleanse you. The Dead sea is popular in this regard to having the highest salt content in the world. Most people are drawn to the beach but aren’t sure why, it’s because it helps to refresh us in body, mind, and spirit.

3. Geothermal Hot Springs

Hot Springs are located on every continent on Earth. They are heavily concentrated where there is volcanic activity to heat the water. Most pools have minerals that help your skin and muscles and have been revered as mystical and healing all throughout history. In Japan they are called Onsen and are heavily located on the “ring of Fire”.

If you’re in the US you can use this link to find a natural hot spring near you,

4. Mud Bath

Just like the Hotsprings, mud baths are located in places where volcanoes are present. Mud and clay contains minerals that are good for your skin and body. Clays are know to de-toxify your skin and remove impurities.

5. Cave Bathing – Speleotherapy

Caves can have spiritual meanings to different people around the world. Some think they are gateways to the underworld but they are harboring clean air with close to 100% percent humidity inside. This bathing is for your lungs because the caves also have minerals in the air you can breathe in that are good for you.

6. Energy Vortex

On Earth we have energies that travel in paths called ley lines. A Vortex is created where these lines of Earth energy intersect. A lot of times these vertices serve as important cultural, historical and geographical landmarks. Taking a trip to one of these places worldwide and bathe in the strong Earth energy by walking in nature, visiting the historical sights. Most of these places have an influx of healers too because the energy has called them.

How Can I use them?

These Nature Baths are used for many many reasons but here are a few:

  1. Cleanse your Aura
  2. Cleanse your Body, Mind, and Spirit
  3. Cleanse Skin and Restore Minerals
  4. Find Grounded Feelings and Calmness

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