5 Reasons to Create a Cozy Corner in Your House Today!

cozy corner, calming corner

What is a Cozy Corner?

A cozy corner is a corner in your house that is set up to be a calming, comfortable place to relax, decompress, chill out, rebalance your emotions, meditate, reflect, read or journal. It is sometimes called a Calming Corner.

They are used in Pre-Schools to help kids regulate their emotions and remove themselves if things become over stimulating. This teaches coping skills and how to self soothe.

As a Mom, I get over stimulated too. We can all benefit from our own cozy corner.

What Items are in a Cozy Corner?

  1. Comfortable Seating
  2. Calming Activities like Books, Coloring books, or journals.
  3. Sensory Objects – Textures matter. Colored lights or by a window- scented lotions, candles, potpourri, spray
  4. Tray or side table
  5. Calming Colors

5 Reasons you need a Cozy Corner

  1. To Relax – A comfortable place to be alone for a few minutes
  2. Self Regulate- Step away from the Chaos and calm down
  3. Everyone Deserves their own comfy place
  4. Place for your Journaling or Reading
  5. Lower Stress Levels

I have a board for Cozy Corners on Pinterest-

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