Salt Baths | What are They Used For?

Bath Series #6

What are Salt Baths?

Salt Baths are warm water baths where salt is added. Different types of salts can be added to bath water in addition to herbs, botanicals, or oils. The Salt dissolves in water and the nutrients absorbed into the skin.

Couple Types of Salts-

  • Epsom Salt
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Sea Salt

Why Do People Use Salt Baths?

A. Muscle Soreness

Epsom Salt is most often used with muscle soreness. The Salt helps to stimulate circulation and ease cramps.

B. Joint Stiffness

Salt helps your body relax including the joints themselves.

C. Cleanse the Body

Salts are used to pull out toxins and insert good nutrients. In some places this is considered a body smudge and is used spiritually to cleanse the body and energy. It is proven to de-toxify.

D. Skin Care

To help keep skin soft and nourished.

E. Just to Relax

Honestly, just hot water alone will make you relax.

How do you make a Salt Bath at Home?

DIY Salt bath is easy! There are so many in store and online options though!

  1. Buy One Already made. Dr Teals is popular & I have some here in the Missguided Queeen Store.
  2. Buy Unscented Salt- any type above and add it to the bathtub of warm/hot water – You can stop there or continue to #3
  3. Add any oils or herbs to the bath – Learn different ways to add them here

You can incorporate different essential oils, and herbs for specific help

  1. Use Peppermint/Spearmint for Sore Muscles & Pain
  2. Use Eucalyptus for Sore muscles, Immune support and Respiratory System Issues.
  3. Use Rose for Skin health, aging skin and self love.
  4. Use Oats for Skin health.
  5. Use Lavender or Chamomile for Relaxing and Skin Health.
  6. Use Citrus for Immune and Mood Support
  7. Use Rosemary or Sage for Cleansing and Skin Health.

After the Bath

You should lightly rinse your body after a salt bath. Ideally, you should rinse with cool water but personal choice.

Add lotion or oil to your skin right away to lock in the moisture.

Relax for another hour after the bath to let your body finish absorbing.

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