10 Ways to Make Your Bed Room Relaxing

Bed room corner with big window and boho style rug, basket, and bed. White bedding and orange pillow. Rug is orange, red and white in a tribal pattern. 10 ways to make your bedroom relaxing.

The Bed Room is for Sleep and Relaxing

I mean sometimes other things take place due to a lack of a better place. I assume you could create your room around that aspect too but I prefer relaxing. If your are married to a man, they usually don’t care too much how it is decorated. However, you should always talk to your partner if you’re unsure how they’d react.

#1- De-Clutter

Clutter can increase your anxiety and make depression worse. Get rid of things that don’t belong in your bed room and trash. It could also be helpful to buy some tubs to keep things in that you do not wish to throw away.

#2- Wifi Lights that Change Color and Dim

I love these! I love the dim feature and that you can dim the colors too! Trust me, you need these.

#3- Comfy Comforter/Duvet/ Blankets

Fabrics matter. When picking it out make sure you feel how it feels against your skin. It will help you sleep better and pull the look of the room together. Personally, I prefer heavier blankets but you may desire lighter fabrics. Touch and try until you find what you like.

#4- Add a Diffuser

I know we de-cluttered but a diffuser has a functional purpose. It adds moisture to the air, which helps us while we sleep. In addition to being a humidifier, scents can be used via essential oils. Some have lights and can add to the overall chill vibe of the room. For Relaxing I recommend diffusing Lavender, Chamomile, Vanilla, Rose, Ylang Ylang, or Jasmine.

#5- Black Out Curtains

Again Fabrics Matter! Black out curtains have an extra layer of fabric on the backside to keep light out. If you like to sleep in on weekends or past 6am in the summer, this is a game changer. Also, helps for little naps during the day if you can.

#6- Rug(s)

The feel of a plush or shag rug under my feet is like heaven for the toes. Seriously, if you have hardwood floors a rug makes a big different in the feels of your feet. You can use them for design as well and match the whole room to the rug. They can be used to keep things from sliding.

#7- Use Natural or Neutral Colors

These colors are soft and easy on the eyes. Avoid bright or neon colors. Pastel Colors work well with soft whites and dark colors work great with beiges/tan/sand colors. Think of colors that spas or massage therapists use. You could also think of your favorite landscape and the colors that live there. For example- Forrests= greens, browns, pops of color. Desert= brown, beige, dull reds and oranges. Beach= sandy brown, blues, light greens.

#8- No Work Allowed

As part of the de-cluttering process take out ALL work related things from your bedroom. Do NOT use ANY space in your room for work purposes. Replace your work things with books, journals or other quiet relaxing activities. Limit Screens also- I know watching Netflix all day in bed sounds relaxing but it isn’t. It could leave you more tired than you started.

#9 – Candles

If candles are not your thing don’t worry the wifi lights are a great replacement. For me, I enjoy the glow of the fire, and scents of the candles. They can be used in addition to dim lights just to add some ambiance on those other things nights. The Spruce recommends them too.

#10- Add a Sound Machine

Sound machines work great in bedrooms, especially in kids rooms, to help with sleep. Most of them have different sounds you can pick from like white noise, thunderstorm, ocean waves, whale sounds and more. Amazon Alexa has apps to play these sounds (which is what I use) and I think Google Home may have them too. I like to play the Thunderstorm sound about 20 mins before going to bed while journaling and this helps me fall asleep fast. I do leave it on all night while sleeping too.

I hope you enjoyed learning for to make your bedroom relaxing. If you have any tips or tricks please let me know in a comment. If you used any of these tricks and want to share photos, I would LOVE to see them! Email me @ Rachellnlove25@gmail.com or find me on IG @miss_guided_queen.

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