Which Hair Mask is the Best?

Top 3 Best Hair Masks- DIY- No Preservatives/dyes

We’re going to talk about the top 3 DIY hair masks. If you’re interested in how hair masks work click on the link. I’ll Link the recipes for the top 3 in their portion.

Disclaimer- Please do what is best for YOUR hair. You know your hair better than anyone else so please do a little research to determine what specifics you personally may need.

#1- Deep Conditioning

This is a very good preventative measure for any and all hair types. If you have oily scalp just focus on the ends and shaft. If your scalp is dry or normal you can use it all over. DIY Recipe here.

#2- Damage Repair

Good even if you don’t have damage however, most of us do. Even if you just mask the ends it could help defend against split ends or dullness. DIY here.

#3- Dry Scalp

Dry Scalp is in this list because a lot of people have this condition. Most people assume it is dandruff, and it is, but there are many types of dandruff with different causes. Just plain ol dry scalp is one of those reasons so mask it up. DIY recipe here.

Try them all- Find what is best for you!

Hair masks are not hard to make. You can make hair masks at home with ingredients you already have. Try what speaks to you and customize it! My favorite mask is one that smells good so, I always add essential oils and that is how I customize my experience.

Try to use organic or things that are non-toxic. Heavy chemicals and preservatives are not good for our skin, hair or internal bodies. That is why I started Herbal Skin Care in the first place! =]

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