Herbal Baths : What are they & How You Can Make Them at Home.

Bath Series #5

What is an herbal bath?

An Herbal bath is simply a bath that has herbs in it. Usually, when packaged they have salts and oils added as well.

Why do people use herbal baths?

People use herbal baths for many things like

  1. To bring an intention to life
  2. To Relax
  3. Skin Health – Oats are herbs too-
  4. Immune Support – Vapor baths/herbal steams
  5. Sore Muscles
  6. Celebrations
  7. Cleansing/body smudge

This how to make an herbal bath

  1. What is your herbal bath for? What is the goal?
  2. Do some research about herbs/oils/things that are good for that goal
  3. Go get the herbs/oils/things you learned about
  4. Get your space ready
  5. Decide how you want to incorporate your herbs:

Ways to incorporate Herbs

  1. Put the herbs directly in the bath tub with warm/hot water – simple but can be messy
  2. Put herbs on the stove in water to boil- boil about 7 mins then strain and add the infusion to the bath water
  3. Put herbs in a muslin or tea bag and submerge it in the bath tub – usually called bath tea

Sample Ideas

  1. Peppermint/spearmint – Sore muscles/pain
  2. Eucalyptus – sore muscles / immune support / breathing
  3. Roses – Skin Health – self love
  4. Oats -Skin health
  5. Lavender/Chamomile – Relaxing and skin health
  6. Citrus – Immune support and mood support
  7. Rosemary – Cleansing

After the Bath

Gather the herbs if you placed them directly in the tub. Use an herbal body oil or crème as soon as you get out of the bath to lock in healing moisture.

That’s all! I hope you enjoy it!

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