7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom a Vibe

First, Visualize your vibe

What do you want to create in your space? Do you want clean and minimal, relaxing or something vibrant to uplift moods? It really depends on your personality and what you like. Pinterest is a nice way to visualize a vibe and explore what you like. I have some pins here you can look at. Also searching by cores- cottage core – witch core – spa core – mermaid core is a good start.

If you don’t know the overall vibe of your idea use these 7 things to set the mood.

1. Plants

Plants are a great natural addition to your bathroom space. They also clean the air in there for you and soak up extra humidity. If you would prefer fake plants do it but real plants are awesome. Good plants for the bathroom are those who do well in dim light (unless you have lots of windows in your bathroom) and like humidity.

I recommend a Pothos variety or any tropical plant that naturally grows in the shade.

2. Wi-Fi Lights

I added some changeable color Wi-Fi lights in my bathroom and I’ll never go back to just plain white light. You can set the mood in the shower or bath and mine are hooked to Alexa so I can control them from the shower or my phone. Just do it. I love it.

3. Declutter your space

I bet hoarder is not the ideal vibe of your bathroom so let’s declutter. Throw out the old make-up and almost empty shampoo bottles. (I am guilty of this) If you have seen the home edit do something like that. If you have not seen the Home Edit- go watch it- it’s on Netflix.

4. Speaker

I don’t see how people live with out this! Music plays all the time in my casita. Add a blue tooth speak and when you’re taking your shower in the morning before work- play music- it will set the tone for the whole day. They make waterproof ones, ones that stick inside the shower, ones that have lights and all kinds of options.

5. Rugs

There is nothing like stepping out of the shower onto a nice soft plush rug, it feels so nice on the feet. Rugs are used to prevent slips on floors and are specially made for water absorbency. Coordinate the color and the texture and it will elevate the vibe for sure.

6. Candles

Candles make a vibe no matter where they are. A Candle lit bath sounds amazing right now- too bad it’s 4 in the afternoon – but maybe later with a glass of wine and some chill tunes. — Candles are good for making rooms smell good in addition to the soft, chill, romantic vibe they give in the dark. If you have issues with candles- you could use led ones too.

7. Bath tub Tray or Bath Side table

Especially if you are a person who takes a lot of baths, it will change your life. They come in multiple designs and can match any of the d├ęcor or color schemes.

Happiness is watching your favorite tv show from your phone while taking a hot bubble bath and no one is yelling mommy or making a mess cause the kids are asleep.

grayscale photography of bathtub near window
Photo by Luis Ruiz on Pexels.com

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