Oat Baths- What are they? Why are they useful?

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What are Oat Baths?

An oat bath is a warm bath that has ground unflavored oats added to it. They can also sometimes have herbs, flowers, oils, or essential oils added to aid in skin healing qualities or scent.

Are oat baths good for you?:

Yes, oats are amazing for the skin! They contain cleansing properties called phenols, which are a type of antioxidant and saponin (cleansing oil). Oats seem too work on every skin type because they are gentile and mild.

Not only do oats cleanse but the have been long known to soothe skin irritations. Zinc, is a nutrient that helps detoxify and rejuvenate skin that is present in ground oats aka colloidal oatmeal.

Just go to the bath isle at Walmart- Aveeno makes a lot of oat products. Here at the Missguided Queen store we have Oat baths that are all natural with NO added fragrances or preservatives. Rose is my favorite, it makes the bath water so pretty.

Oat Baths Can help with:

  1. Rashes – Think Poison Ivy / Hives ect
  2. Eczema – This usually has an underlying food allergy/trigger but it helps the skin symptoms
  3. Psoriasis- also underlying health conditions but helps with soothing the skin and relieving the itch, redness, and flakiness – add oil with oats for extra healing
  4. Dry scaly skin – Add oil with oats
  5. Itchiness- Skin irritations/bug bites/ clothing rubs/ dry skin ect
  6. Sunburns

How do you do it?

  1. Take plain rolled oats and grind them in a blender as small as you can
  2. you need about 1c of ground oats per bath
  3. You can add the oats straight to the warm water- (there will be some left in the tub once drained)
  4. or use a Cheesecloth (add oats in center and pull sides up and secure with hairbow)
  5. Or use a tea/muslin bag – Depending on bag size you may need multiple bags
  6. Or use Oat Milk as a stand in to prevent many left over/mess. (about 2-4 c per bath)
  7. Oat baths are safe enough to use daily but can be used as needed for skin irritations
  8. Soak at least 20 minutes for best benefit.

Colloidal Oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal is the same thing as ground oats you can make at home. My son had eczema badly as a baby and I learned how to make him oatmeal baths cheaper at home. I was a young mom so money was tight! It helps so much.

Oats can be used as face washes and masks too!

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