5 Tips for Hot Oil Treatments

5 tips for hot oil treatments

What is a hot oil treatment and how does it work?

A hot oil treatment is when oil is warmed up and applied to the hair shaft. The purpose of a hot oil treatment is to restore moisture to your hair so that it looks soft and shiny. Hot oils treatments are good for your hair, it works by opening the hair cuticle (outer layer) to deposit the nutrients from the oil into the cortex (innermost layer). I highly recommend them.

5 Tips for Hot Oil Treatments

#1- Wash your hair 1st

To use a hot oil treatment, Wash your hair first and apply warmed oil to damp hair. Section the hair into 4ths and apply shaft to ends.

#2- Do it in the Bath

The easiest, most relaxing way to do a hot oil treatment (from my experience) is in the bath tub. It makes less mess since you’re over water and won’t drip on clothes. Also the steam from the water will help the oil penetrate deeper into the hair. You should leave the hot oil treatment in for at least 30 minutes.

#3- DIY with Heavy Oils

Use heavy oils for deeper penetration and long lasting benefits. Really all you need is oil- you pick what kind. Good oils for hot oil treatments are solid coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil.

#4- Heat the oil with water

Do not use the microwave to heat up your oil!!! It destroys some of the good things the hair needs! Instead put your bottle of oil in a cup of hot water about 30 mins before you plan on using it. If you mix oils this will also give them time to combine and work properly.

#5- Rinse out with Cool Water & Air Dry.

Yes, you rinse out the hot oil treatment with cool water. We do this to close the hair cuticle and keep in the moisture we just added. Then let your hair hair air dry naturally to prevent loss of moisture. You usually will NOT have to condition your hair after a hot oil treatment- however if you have curly, very course hair you may need to add a leave in conditioner after rinsing.

5 tips for hot oil treatments

More info:

Some salons offer hot oil treatments and some do not. You can do it at home- just add some oil to a bottle and warm with hot water and volla!

The Missguided Queen store has hair oil that can be used as a hot oil treatment and leave in hair oil. It is a mix of 4 oils- 2 heavy and 2 light and an essential oil blend that smells delightful. Check it out here.

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