Intention Baths

what are intention baths

Bath Series #3-Intention Baths

What is an Intention Bath:

An Intention bath is used to remove negativity, celebrate a season change, to ask for abundance or protection or other symbolic reasons. They are also know as spiritual baths, bath rituals or chakra baths.

Intention baths are religiously all inclusive. For example Christians get baptized in water to wash their sins away or be cleansed. In Islam Ghusl is a mandatory ritual cleansing. Hindu’s also make a holy pilgrimage to be cleansed in the Ganges river. People recorded the the first spiritual baths in the Grihya Sutras that were found in Pakistan region where the Indus valley civilization lived.

How do you use an intention bath?

First, figure out what you want. What is a goal you have?

Visualize it. Exactly how you want it.

Think of a Mantra that represents what you want. Use I am________________________________________

For example: I am successful, I am a business owner, I am protected, I am safe, I am abundant.

Get your supplies together & Clean your space

  1. Crystals
  • Love=Rose Quartz
  • Protection= Tourmaline or black onyx
  • Abundance=Jade, Aventurine

2. Herbs

  • Money-Cinnamon/Bay leaf
  • Cleansing- Sage
  • Calming- Lavender/Chamomile

3. Oils

  • Carrier oils- Grapeseed/hemp seed/coconut ect
  • Essential oils- Calming lavender- Cleansing- sage, orange, lemon
  • Infused Oils – oils that have been infused with fresh or dried herbs

4. Salt

  • All/Any salt is considered cleaning.
  • Don’t use Black Himalayan Salt- it smells like Sulphur (even thought it is really good for you) The smell is unfortunate.

5. Candles

  • Colors correspond to ideas and symbols
  • Black- Protection
  • Green- Abundance or Heart Chakra
  • Red- Passion –
  • Pink- Love

Remember to Smudge or physically clean your bathroom before hand.

During the Bath:

Once you have all the supplies run your bath water, light the candles and lock the door. As you add ingredients to the water speak your mantra.

Get in the bath and visualize your goal. Spend time visualizing each detail of your wish. Speak outload what you see. Express your gratefulness for what you have currently and repeat your mantras again. Breathe Deep. Have good feelings. Smile, laugh and enjoy the vison.

After the bath

You may want to gather the flowers, herbs, or crystals that were in the bath so they do not go down the drain. Take your time getting redressed and keep imaging your life how you want it.

Go on with you day!

More Information on Intention Baths.

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