Your Guide to Creating a Self Care Plan

Your guide to creating a self care plan

Your Guide to Creating a Self Care Plan:

What is Self Care?

Self Care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well being and happiness, in particular in times of stress. – Oxford

Why do we need self care?

In short, we need self care so that we can be our best selves for ourself and others. It is very important that we do things to help us live well and take care of our health . This can look like managing stress, enjoying the now, focusing on goals, or just giving yourself more grace. Self Care can help manage stress, lower risks of illness, and increase energy.

So, What’s the Plan?

Look at the top 10 self care activities here and find a couple that sound appealing to you. You can group things together for a smooth intro:

  • Health – Go to gym, yoga, no soda, go vegan, no carbs, extra cardio(take the stairs instead) ect
  • Appearance- Showers, baths, basic hygiene, nails done, pedicure, hair done, tanning, tattoo ect
  • Hobbies- Yoga, Painting, Dance, Writing, Singing, Gardening, woodworking- anything fun or creative- ect
  • Resting- Watching tv, Reading, Crocheting, Sleeping, ect

Some on them can overlap and bonus points is they do. Pick out a couple and write them down.

Next, Set realistic but specific times for self care.

Some things will require daily work where as others may need once per week to once per month or quarterly. Write beside the activity how often it should/could be completed. For those that are daily- think about your daily schedule and where you could fit it in- write the activity and time frame on a sticky note or tape it to the mirror or a place you will see it each day.

For weekly+ activities I need you to go ahead and write them in your calendar. Whatever day is best and the best time. Put an alarm on your phone.

Start small- 15-30 minutes and then add more as it becomes normal schedule.

Use Paper or Digital Calendars

Self Care plan
self care planner

Use something like what I have posted above or just add it to whatever calendar you use now.

Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE or find someone who will.

We NEED SELF CARE!! We need to help ourselves before we can pour into others. We all re-charge in different ways, but by trying things we can figure out what fits us best and makes us feel the best. Things you do EVERYDAY can be self care IF THE VIBE IS RIGHT!

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