Spas – The Modern Day Bath Houses

Bath Series #2 – Spas

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What is a Spa?

In the most broad definition, a spa is an business that offers treatments that are for beauty, relaxing, or therapeutic reasons. Usually, it’s a combination of all those things. Spa’s can range from pedicures to saunas to exotic treatments and mud wraps. I will not be covering geothermal spas in this post because it will have it’s own in the near future.

What Services do Spas Offer?

It depends on the type of Spa it is. Most spas offer at least basic manicures and pedicures and may offer massages.

A Day spa, is a place where you can spend the WHOLE day. They usually include hair salons, hydrotherapy circuits, massages, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, salt rooms.

Other additions may include but not limited to: Waxing, Reiki healing, lymphatic drainage, cryotherapy chambers, mud bath, seaweed wraps, vinotherapy, facials, acupuncture, cupping or indigenous treatments.

Spas are a great way to relax on vacation. There are hotels and resorts that have spa’s in the hotel. BUT.. Then there is something call DESTINATION SPAS.

Destination Spas are spas that are build with accommodations for the customer. The spa IS the main attraction and the reason for visiting. Usually the theme of these are luxury. Some are co-ed and some aren’t. But these spa’s will have any and everything you can think that would ever be in a spa! Normally, they’ll also have a garden or some picturesque view to top it off.


Yes, most spas serve food and drinks. Some may more than others. Day spas usually offer healthy lunch options like salads, wraps, and fruits, in addition to Drink options such as herbal shots, smoothies, fresh juices with cbd oil and even alcoholic beverages. The all inclusive destination resorts will have more options with both healthy and indulgent options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What do you wear to the spa?

You want to wear comfortable clothing to the spa and leave your hair in a bun. Usually, a day spa will have you change into a robe if you are staying the whole day. They give you slippers to wear too, but I bring my own non slip slide ons because they are way more comfortable. Bring your bathing suit if they have hydrotherapy circuits, steam rooms or hot tubs.

Spa Recommendations:

I live in North Carolina and have only been to spas local. I have yet to visit a spa while on vacation but I did do a local destination spa for a little staycation =] They are in NO particular order.

  1. The Spa at RockBarn – Conover, NC- My favorite day spa.
  2. Grove Park Inn Spa- by Omni – Asheville NC – Looks like a castle, the spa is subterranean.
  3. Westglow – Blowing Rock, NC – World Class Destination Spa with beautiful mountain views.

History of the Spa

I saved history for last since most people think its boring but I will always add the history component because I like history a bunch.

As history would have it, we have to go by written history so that it’s proven and not just theory. Therefore, one of the first written accounts of using a bath for more than hygiene purposes was from the Greek philosopher Hippocrates. He wrote that an aromatic bath and massage would help keep people healthy.

The word Spa comes from a town in Belgium, appropriately named Spa, that was discovered in 1321 to have healing springs. A destination resort grew from the springs and the term was used for any healing springs.

Back in the Roman times mostly men used the “spas” or bathhouses compared to today when they’re thought of for mostly women.

Spa is for self care

Visit the spa and take a rest day! Get pampered and nourished! Take a friend or family member with you as a hang out day, it’s so fun!

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