Bath Series #1 – Sound Bath

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What tf is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a aura cleansing bath that uses musical components as water. You are essentially washed clean with the vibrations and energy of the music. The purpose of a sound bath is to heal oneself. It is possible to use as a form of meditation for those who cannot meditate and has some evidence of helping anxiety and depression.

The General Idea

Basically, specific tones create vibrations and frequencies that correspond to specific energy centers in the body. They are used to reset these energy centers so that energy can flow through your body freely and heal those parts. If you have ever heard about Chakras, same thing.

Sound Baths Help with..

  • Feeling calmer/less stressed.
  • Muscles that feel looser.
  • A greater sense of relaxation.
  • Pain relief.
  • The ability to sleep better.
  • Improved mood.
  • Stimulates Circulation
  • Lymphatic Flow
  • Better body awareness/being more in tune with your body.
  • Shifts Brainwaves to Alpha and sometime Theta waves. Which are relaxed and meditative states.

What Instruments are used in a Sound Bath?

  • A gong.
  • Crystal singing bowls.
  • Metal bowls.
  • Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Tuning forks.
  • Chimes.

At home you can use youtube to find these Just search for hz or frequencies. If you want a different type of experience you can use thunder and rain as a sound bath, when you have a thunderstorm. I live in the South and in the summer we have thunderstorms almost everyday. The storm has so much energy – and you can use it for a soft reset. Just sit outside and listen to the storm, no distractions. Feel the wind, rain, temperature. Smell what is smells like. Be present and still.

How often and how long should you do a sound bath?

You can use sound bathing as much for as long as you want to. There are no know disadvantages here. The longer you can spend, the deeper you will go into relaxation. It is okay to fall asleep during a sound bath, the vibrations can still reset the energy centers.

If your unsure about a sound bath in person try youtube first before you book a live session.

A Sound Bath can be a great relaxation tool. Some people use it in addition to yoga and breathing techniques. Others, like to lay on a couch or bed and be comfortable either are fine. If you have a hard time with meditation or worry too often, please give this a try and let me know how it worked for you.

Bath Series:


I’ve planed out a 10 week series on different types of baths. Missguided Queen to me is about relaxation, self care and being authentic. I love a bath symbolically, figuratively, literally and IRL. I love weirdness, novelty, but also history and science. As my curiosity grew I found pieces of me in each and have decides to share. So cheers to baths that aren’t traditional baths but avenues people travel for spiritual, mental, or physical healing.

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