13 Types of Baths

bath tub with view

You might be thinking, no way there are 13 types of baths. But indeed I’m sure there are many more.

13 types of Baths

  1. Bath Tea
  2. Holiday/Seasonal Baths – with herbs/ flowers ect
  3. Milk Bath
  4. Salt Baths
  5. Oat Baths
  6. Worldwide- Roman Style- Turkic Style (Hammam)- Japanese Style (Onsen)
  7. Geothermal Hotsprings
  8. Intention Baths/ Spiritual
  9. Vinegar Baths
  10. Ice Baths
  11. Mud Baths
  12. Spa – The Modern day US bath-house
  13. Saunas/ Steamrooms

Technically- Onsens are hotsprings and Spa’s can encompass many of the types of baths listed and more. Intention baths can also be under holiday/seasonal, this would also include something like baptisms. Now that we know the types of baths I will be going in depth on each of these in the coming weeks. Bath Culture is something I’m interested in learning more about both personally and for professional/creative reasons.

Please follow along.

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