20 Examples of Artistic Expression

What is Artistic Expression.

Artistic Expression is what it is called when you express your feeling through art or creativity. It also can be known as expressive creativity. You can release trauma through art by having that be your intention while in the immediate feeling and using your creative output as the valve.

How do you find artistic expression?

It starts with you. What do YOU like to do for fun? What are you good at? How do you enjoy spending your time? What are hobbies you enjoy? What makes you feel great once its over? If you’re having trouble I recommend trying a bunch of things to get a feel of what you like or don’t like. Remember this is just for you, it’s not something you have to start off amazing at. When you feel down pick one of the activities below and see how they make you feel.

Examples of Artistic Expression activities

  1. Travel
  2. Food- Cooking and/or eating
  3. Painting
  4. Writing
  5. Music
  6. Interior Decorating / making D├ęcor
  7. Clothing Design
  8. Hair/Make up/ Beauty
  9. Dancing
  10. Gardening
  11. Remodeling/Building Cars
  12. Drawing
  13. Video and Photography
  14. Building/Assembling things- Houses, furniture,Chicken coops (anything)
  15. Sports
  16. Fitness/exercise/gym
  17. Yoga/Pilates
  18. Crafting/DIY
  19. Hiking
  20. Indigenous/ancestor/spirituality

A lot of these can overlap for example a person who loves photography and travel can travel to take beautiful photos(even if it’s just a town 2 hours away you’ve never been to). Or a person who enjoys video production and cooking can create a youtube channel. A less obvious combination would be someone who enjoys their spirituality and likes crafting could create crafts that resemble that.

My artistic expression

From personal experience art has always been a way out for me. A safe way to release my feelings without hurting others or myself. In my younger days, dance was a big deal for me along with music. I can’t play music or sing well but music helped numb the teenage feelings. As I got older writing became a godsend. I journaled daily and still do. Currently, I use these activities to release my emotions

  1. Travel
  2. Writing
  3. Yoga
  4. Hiking
  5. Crafting/DIY

I am very much a nature lover so anything in nature is my go to for reenergizing. Body movement opens up our energy centers to get rid of stuck emotions. Being creative also opens up these centers and helps the flow of input and output. Input the good and output the bad.

The Message

These days our culture is so work obsessed and stressful we need ways to disengage and decompress. Art or anyway that YOU FEEL creative will help you release stuck emotions and relax better. Find something to channel your emotions into and out of your brain. In a rage? First move is to isolate yourself and find something creative to do. Stuck in the office and pissed off? Write about it- draw it- pull the blinds and dance- heck- shred paper and make origami if you have to.

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