All about Cleansing Grains

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What are cleansing grains?

Cleansing grains are herbs, oats, nuts and/ or clay that are blended into a powder. Cleansing grains are a gentile exfoliator and face cleanser that contain few ingredients. Most times these products are all natural with no added preservatives. My cleansing grains are made from oats because, oats have cleansing properties due to containing phenols.

How do you use Cleansing Grains?

You can use cleansing grains as a daily wash, weekly exfoliator or weekly mask. To Use use as a face wash: put about a quarter sized amount in your palm and add a couple drops of water. Then make a paste and apply it to your face in circles. Wash then rinse clean. Use as an exfoliator the same way as a wash but add a little more pressure when washing your face. To use as a mask: put some cleansing grains in a small bowl and add one or multiple of the following: Honey, Oil, and Avocado mash. Mix well until it becomes a paste. Apply to the face and let it set 5 minutes before your rinse.

What are the Benefits of Cleansing Grains?

Cleansing grains are usually all natural and contains no additives or preservatives. They seem to work on every skin type because they are gentile and mild cleansers. Other benefits include a cheaper cost than traditional cleansers and exfoliators and cleansing grains can be tailored to you specific skin needs via the herbs or oils added.

Can you use Cleansing Grains Daily?

Yes, you can use cleansing grains daily to wash your face. Make sure to be light with your pressure to avoid over exfoliating your skin. If you use a chemical exfoliant more than 2 times per week you should not use cleansing grains daily.

If you have been wanting to try cleansing grains, this is your sign to try them! I use them daily! I love that they are all natural!

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