Basics of Skin Care

Why is Skin Care important?

Skin care is important for your mental health, to prevent infections and to help regulate your circadian rhythm. Your skin is one of the first things people see when they look at you and when it’s not looking it’s best it can make us feel less confident and/or embarrassed. When you take care of your skin it can really help raise your self esteem. The daily routine of washing your face is a form of self care and the routine itself can help set your natural circadian rhythm. If you start a routine in both the morning and night, it will help you wake up AND start producing melatonin at night because the body gets the cue that it’s almost bed time.

What products should be in your routine?

In your arsenal be sure to include a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, oil or serum, moisturizer and a sunscreen. If you have skin issues you can add any needed products to this list.

Do you need a morning and night routine?

Yes, you need a morning and night routine for skin care. It will help regulate your natural rhythm and focus on different things at different times of the day. The morning routine should focus on protection from UV rays, pollution and dirt. Use this routine for AM- Cleanser, Exfoliator (not every day), Toner, Moisturizer then Sunscreen. Sometimes you can find a moisturizer and sunscreen in one product.

Your night routine should focus on Hydrating and focusing on your specific skin issues. An oil cleanser can substitute for make up remover. In this routine, remove make up and cleanse the face, use spot treatments or specific skin products, add lighter oils (Linoleic Acid) and serums before any moisturizer. Heavier oils will go on after the moisturizer to be better absorbed.

How often should you exfoliate?

How often you exfoliate depends on your skin. Most dermatologists agree that you can exfoliate 3-4 times per week but it depends also on what type of exfoliator you are using and your skin type. There are two types of exfoliators: Chemical and Physical.

Chemical exfoliators are your acid serums. These can be used more often than physical ones because they are less abrasive on the skin. Chemical exfoliators can be used 3-4 times per week on skin with out issues.

Physical exfoliators are things like sugar scrubs and face washes with seeds or grains. These types can be used 1-2 times per week. You can use physical exfoliants AND chemical ones in your routine. I’d start with 2-3 times a week chemical and 1x each week physical.

How to know your skin type.

Wash your face and let it air dry. That’s it! In two hours check your face. If it feels oily the you have oily skin. If your face feels tight or dry then you have dry/sensitive skin. And if only your T zone is oily then you have a combination skin.

Skin Care for you body is important too.

Unlike your face, the body skin can tolerate a lot more and seems to be less sensitive. Your body still needs love! A part of your weekly self care routine can be a milk bath to help your skin feel soft and refreshed. Your body also needs UV protection. You can get age spots on your body too so, it is important to use a light sunscreen daily. — I haven’t told this publicly but I did have to have a procedure to remove some skin cancer from my face and chest. Skin cancer runs in my family, as my late grandmother had it also. Aside from that, as a teen I used tanning beds and never worried about sunscreen when on the lake. Now I take my skin protection very seriously. Wear Sunscreen Daily.

Daily habits are also important to skin care

The amount of sleep you receive effects your skin. Your diet will effect your skin. Sun exposure and stress also contribute to premature skin aging. Taking care of yourself with exercise, mental health days, good sleep, a good diet, lots of water intake and sunscreen will help you and your skin continue to thrive in old age.

That is the basics of skin care! I hope that you fine tune your own routine that makes your feel happy and confident.

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