What is Astrology? And why is it a thing?

Hello all! Maybe you didn’t know this about me but I follow astrology. I’ll explain why I like it later but I wanted to give a brief introduction of astrology first. Tomorrow is a new moon, the first one since the astrological new year and I thought it would be a good time for this conversation.

The pure definition of Astrology is “the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.”

Why is it a thing? Why do people use it?

A lot of people use astrology for self-discovery since it has been made more mainstream in the past few years. A deep dive into your personal chart will uncover how or why you say or do specific things and how you can be the best version of you moving forward. Pair this with daily or weekly astrology insights which ask you to reflect on what has happened and manifest what you want to happen. At the absolute highest level it can be described as hope. Astrology can also help with planning and setting goals.

What are the benefits of astrology?

As mentioned above self discovery, hope, self reflection and personal growth are all major benefits of astrology. Another benefit I personally enjoy is learning about the planets, dwarf planets, and stars. If you pay attention to the movements of the planets in relation to Earth’s you will always know where to look in the sky for the Moon, Mars, Venus or even Saturn and Jupiter.

Do people who use astrology believe in God?

This question came up and it kind of stumped me for a second. I’m trying to figure out why my religion is someone else’s business. It’s not. Yes, people who use astrology can still believe in what ever religion (or not) they want to. You can still believe in god and astrology at the same time.

There is psychology in astrology

Astrology helps us to narrate our lives, make sense of it if you will. The concept connects our past to our present. It also helps with the why me questions. This helps to lower anxiety as a coping mechanism because “it was just mercury retrograde and it will be over soon.” Psychology has also found that astrology can help a person find their sense of self (self discovery) and feel like they fit in somewhere.

Why I like astrology.

I like astrology and follow a couple of podcasts about the subject. I usually listen in about once or twice per week to see if anything is going on. One of the biggest reasons I like astrology is because it asks you to pay attention to small things and be mindful in the everyday. If you follow your rising sign instead of your sun sign, astrology will ask you to reflect and plan in specific parts of your life. This usually leads me to journal which helps to get any stuck thoughts out of my head and recognize where things in my life need attention. Lastly, most of the astrologers have nice, calming voices that are semi- meditative.

The Signs:

  1. Aries- 3/21-4/20
  2. Taurus- 4/21-5/20
  3. Gemini – 5/21-6/21
  4. Cancer- 6/22 – 7/22
  5. Leo – 7/23- 8/22
  6. Virgo – 8/23-9/22
  7. Libra – 9/23-10/22
  8. Scorpio – 10/23-11/22
  9. Sagittarius – 11/23-12/21
  10. Capricorn – 12/22-1/20
  11. Aquarius – 1/21- 2/18
  12. Pisces – 2/19-3/20

The dates above are intended to find your sun sign. To find your rising sign you must know your time and location of birth. You can use this link if you know your birth time to find your other information.

If your curious about me – I have a stellar line up. Virgo Sun – Scorpio Moon – Sagittarius Rising.

The Rising sign is the most important because it tells you what houses the signs are in.

What are houses in astrology.

Houses in astrology are 12 different areas of life. For example your rising sign is always in your 1st house which correlates to how other people see you (first impressions)and the general attitude you have about life. You can read more about the houses here.

  1. How others see you and general attitude about life
  2. Possessions and money
  3. Daily Life-Routines, elementary education, community connections
  4. Private life- Home, foundation, real estate, family
  5. Pleasure & Creativity – Procreation and children
  6. Health and daily life work
  7. Partnerships (platonic, romantic and business) and Enemies
  8. Shared Resources (inheritances/ financial support from others)
  9. Higher Education, Travel, Belief systems
  10. Career- Public Image-government
  11. Friends, Groups, Collective Society, Audience, Dreams
  12. Hidden subconscious, mental health, spirituality

Are you into astrology?

Do any of you follow? Let me know in a comments if you know your big three (sun, moon and rising) and how true they are to your personality.

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