Spring is the best season and here’s why

Spring is the best season and here’s why

Spring is the sign that the earth is coming back to life after a cold winter. The ground thaws out, plants start to grow and we start to see longer days. The spring equinox is the day when we see exactly the same amount of night and day and the days will finally have more day light than darkness. This day until very recently was the regarded as the new year. It is still the start of the astrology calendar with the sign of Aries. The start of spring symbolizes new growth, renewal, birth and hard work.

Why is spring important?

Spring is important because it is the start of the growing season. Growing food has been very important to humans for a long time (we need to eat) and in the past our ancestors were much more connected to the Earth since grocery stores weren’t an option. Growing your own food was directly connected with life and death. A bad season would mean many people could die from starvation.

Besides that many of our religious dates are based on lunar cycles starting with the spring equinox. Also, many of our spring traditions today (amongst others) descend from pagan celebrations and rituals.

Spring Holidays Around the World

  1. Easter (Latin Church/Protestant) – is the first Sunday after the 1st FULL MOON after the spring equinox. I know here in the US- we celebrate with colored eggs and usually a meal.
  2. Passover- starts on the the 1st FULL MOON after the spring equinox and is celebrated with a feast and lasts for 7 days.
  3. Nowruz – is the oldest known spring festival that is still celebrated today in parts of western central Asia. This holiday is thought to be from the ancient Persian times and has roots in Zoroastrianism. Also known as the Persian new year it lasts for two weeks and starts with a feast with family members. Read more about Nowruz here.
  4. Sham el-Nessim – starts on the day after Easter (Easter Monday) according to the Eastern Orthodox calendars. This is the spring celebration in Egypt and is tied to their planting season as well. All religions are open to celebrate this day as it pre-dates both Christianity and Islam. Learn more here.
  5. Easter -(Eastern Orthodox) – Is the Sunday after the 1st FULL MOON after Passover and can be called Paseha. The dates are different because of the different beliefs. Notice how it still falls on a full moon though.
  6. Holi- is an Indian welcoming of spring celebration that involves throwing powdered colors, bonfires and lasts for two days. Learn more about Holi here.
  7. Songkran Water festival – is a celebration of the Buddhist new year marked by the end of the dry season in Thailand and other South East Asian countries. Water is used to spiritually cleanse people and is poured over buddha statues. This festival looks like a lot of fun and lasts for 3 days. Check it out here.
  8. Qingming festival – in China and SE Asia is also called the “tomb sweeping” festival. It is a way to respect the ancestors who have already passed by placing new soil or flowers on the graves and by leaving them gifts such as foods and teas. This is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and is 15 days after the spring equinox.
  9. Earth day- is a world wide day celebrating the Earth. This is a day to pick up trash, plant seeds, take steps to protect our environment and practice gratitude for our beautiful Earth. It is always on April 22 since it was 1st recognized in 1970.

What you can do for the 1st day of spring.

The spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere) is Monday March 20. Now is the time to plant your seeds, both literally and symbolically. So, go plant some seeds in soil or plant ideas on paper in the form of journaling or a vision board and watch them grow. Be clear about any intentions and manifestations you want to grow in the next 6 months. Also, “spring cleaning” is a real thing. Spring is a good time to clean your space and reset it. A sage smudge and a hot bath after deep cleaning your house could be a great way to spend the equinox. I’m a Virgo so re-organizing and cleaning is usually my go to.

Spring Symbolism

Scents- (floral) Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, and Neroli ect.

Crystals – Rose Quartz, amethyst, moon stone, citrine and aquamarine

Flowers- Apple Blossoms, Tulips, Daffodils, and Dandelions.

Foods- Eggs, leafy greens, seeds and honey

Colors- Pastels, yellow, pink and white

This year, 2023, a new moon is the day after the spring equinox which means total manifestation power since new moons are a time to plan ahead for the next cycle and the start of spring is the same energy. Planning ahead for the harvest.

I hope you find a way to celebrate spring this year! HAPPY REAL NEW YEAR!

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