Milk Baths: What are the Benefits?

What is a Milk Bath?

A milk bath is simply a bath with milk added to it. The purpose of a milk bath is to help with any skin related conditions or just make your skin softer.

How does a Milk Bath help your skin? Is it good for you?

A Milk Bath is absolutely good for you! The fats and proteins in milk help the skin’s natural oil barrier. Lactic acid is a compound found in milk and is an exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acid that promotes the shedding of dead skin cells. By eliminating the buildup of dead cells, this ingredient helps soften and smooth your skin and improve its overall texture.

What do you put in a Milk Bath?

You put milk in a Milk Bath. Two cups of liquid or dry milk should work for a normal sized bathtub. For a baby Milk bath I would still use 2 cups to give the water a better color for photographs. Then you can add essential oils, flowers, fruits or herbs for your specific goal.

What Kind of Milk do you use in a Milk Bath?

Cow’s milk is the most common milk used in milk baths. This can be either liquid or powder. Whole milk or full fat shows the fastest results. However, it’s pretty much whatever type you want and is very customizable. You can also use: 1. Goat’s Milk 2. Soy Milk 3. Oat Milk (very good option) 4. Coconut Milk 5. Rice Milk 6. Almond Milk 7. Breast Milk

How long do you soak in a Milk Bath.

It is recommended that a person should soak in a milk bath for at least 20 minutes for the best outcome. It is also recommended that you rinse off after a milk bath.

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