New Direction and Additions

Hello Beautiful people. I have missed you all.

I decided to allow another passion of mine to flourish while at home and not traveling. I have been in to herbs- well one in particular- since I was about 14 -but in the past few years have been learning more about essential oils. That lead me to being curious about the benefits of oils and our local wild herbs here in North Carolina.

What Does this mean?

Not much really. It just means that in addition to my blog I will have products for sale that are hand made by me. Things that I have used or use currently for myself. Artisan Herbal Relaxation and Self Care items including Bath additives, and Cleansing grains facial washes. I do plan on launching several new products in the days/weeks/months to come. You can find the sales page here. All products are made with locally sourced herbs.

Are Herbs safe to use?

Yes, Herbs are safe to use. Herbs have all types of uses including culinary in foods, butters, seasonings and more. Herbs have been being used by humans since prerecorded history. It has been said that Cleopatra used herbs in her baths and the Romans did the same. The spice trade opened travel and exploration to and of the world.

Some Uses for Herbs:

Cooking- oils, butters, seasonings, toppings, Teas

Candles- Oil for scent, as toppings

Soaps- Oil for scents, as additives

Health – Capsules like Vitamins, Drinks, Digestion aids, Teas, Sleep, Relaxation, Tonics, salves

Body Care – as Oils and additives in Bath soaks, soaps, face washes, facial serums, beard oils, lotions, balms, ChapSticks

Air Freshener – Oils added to diffuser

This not a comprehensive list of all the uses for herbs. I will leave some links below if you’re interested in learning more. — Please let me know what you would love to see in my shop or any skin conditions you may need help with. I thank you all for supporting me through this weird journey though life.

Extra Links

History of Herbs

Herbs as Medicine

Herbal Folklore

Cooking with Herbs

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