Cave City, Kentucky

Spring break isn’t complete without a mini road trip! Travel distance from my residence in NC was about 7 hours which is not too long for the kids, anything over this and they seem to get restless in the car.

While most people head to the beach during spring break, we decided to do something differently so we packed up in an RV and headed to the beautiful rolling hills of south central Kentucky.

I fully recommend Singing Hills RV park and Campground We stayed here the night we were in Kentucky, and they have free Wifi which as you can guess was great for the kids. Also, they have a pond, volleyball court and it was pretty cheap.

We went to this part of the state to visit Mammoth Caves, however we didn’t get to go inside or stay in the campground as expected. I suggest booking your tickets online before your visit at least a month in advance- that’s what the park ranger told me I should’ve done. Mammoth Cave is the largest underground cave system in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site AND an international Biosphere reserve for it’s special ecosystems.

Luckily, there are many many caves in this area so even though we didn’t get to see the cave we went for we found another one close by. Crystal Onyx Cave was a beautiful cave that had family touches around the outside. You can tell that much money was spent making sure it was safe with steps and guardrails. The tour lasted an hour and the tour guide was the owner which made for detailed explanations. Fully recommend. We also went on a short hike to Sand Cave which you couldn’t go inside of but it was beautiful still.

The next day we decided to discover Dinosaur World, located in the heart of Cave City and two minutes away from our campground. Many of the hands on activities were closed due to covid but the museum and dino walk were open to us. The dino walk path is wheelchair and stroller accessible. You stroll through the woods and discover big dinosaur replicas with information about them including where their fossils were found in the world. We got there at 8:30am, when they opened and, it got busy very fast. Very cool place, but better suited for younger kids. We finished the dino walk, museum, and played on the playground within an hour.

This finished up our time in Cave City but on the way home we got to see some other beautiful sights in Kentucky that may be a separate road trip in the future. Cumberland Falls is a massive waterfall located in the Daniel Boone National Forrest, it is beautiful and the walk to the falls is wheelchair and stroller accessible. Gem mining is available for the kids, this is such a beautiful area of Kentucky also.

I hope you reconsider your vacation options to discover new things in our beautiful country! Let me know if you decide to visit Cave City! I’d love to hear about your adventures.

Best of love and Luck!

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  1. Beautiful photos! ❤️❤️❤️

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