Nantahala Lake, NC

Beautiful Sunset over Nantahala Lake from Wayah rd.

It was due time for a vacation. I so desperately needed to relax since the guy’s accident in July, and with school starting soon it means longer days for me. A four day weekend was planned in the mountains of western North Carolina. The perfect place to slow down and get away from cell service.

This area was beautiful. An Airbnb lake house provided lake access with all around mountain views. Absolutely NO CELL SERVICE at all, which I grew to LOVE. The boys were having a hard time with not having youtube, mostly at night though. But our days were spent on the water, boating, swimming , fishing (well for them, I mostly read while they fished) and bonding.

The crisp air was perfect. It wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cold either. The lake was calm, not many boaters or people. The water was clear but gave a beautiful green reflection of the abundant trees that lined the shores and mountain tops. This lake is a rare gem, unknown to many. Unspoiled. The area in general is beautiful with plenty of hiking trails and rocky rivers full of trout.

We had to drive 30/45 mins or so in any direction to regain cell service, to give an idea of how remote the area is. So worth it though, just to connect with your family. It’s not often we put our devices down and enjoy the natural beauty of life.

During the night is where I found my favorite spot, by the fireplace. It’s August and yes I sat by the fire. This spot by the fire, combined with a lack of digital distractions gave way to deep reflection.

I learned some new things about myself, like I did NOT miss social media, I want more (time) than I have now, remote work is something I would be interested in, and Island time can also be used in the mountains of NC. I realized that nature is so vast (in time and space) ranging millions of miles and years at the same time, while I am so minuscule on this earth only taking up a few feet and decades. Humbling.

If you decide to visit this gorgeous place, make sure to swim near the Nantahala Dam. Visit the Lake’s End Marina for breakfast, lunch & to rent a boat or cabin. And trout fish in a little river off a dirt road called Old River rd, take a dip in it too to cool off. The water is very clear. Hike the to the top of Wayah Bald, a treeless mountain or try white water rafting.

The best part of this vacation (for me) was being without service, I’ve said it in this post a million times but it was amazing to connect purely non-distracted with my family. Take time to relax and enjoy the natural flow of life, you’ll be surprised what you can learn from yourself, your family and nature.

Best of luck and LOVE =]

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