Dear Missguided Queen,

I’m a teen looking for advice because I don’t want to be heartbroken. I have a boyfriend who is in college while I’m finishing highschool. My boyfriend is always telling me that he’s busy, he doesn’t give me his attention, and when he’s online he takes forever to respond to my texts. He tells me he loves me and I love him too… should I be patient or let him go?

Hey Anonymous,

Don’t worry about this boy. YOU HEAR ME? Don’t plan your life around this boy. Get the idea of being with this boy forever out of your mind.

You’re too young to worry about any boy. Keep in touch with him if you want to but dont plan anything around him. Plan you’re life around YOU.

Chances are if he’s a college boy (young man in general) he’s not being faithful. Can’t say 100% but these days you’re actually more likely to get cheated on than not.

Just live your life!

Best of luck!

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