Guys , I’m so sorry I haven’t been on much this week. I’ve received so many questions and I’m very happy ya’ll decided to respond period.

I’ve been dealing with life these past few days and It’s been hella stressful. Let me tell ya’ll what happened.

Friday my fiance and my son were riding a moped on our cul-de-sac road in front of our house when they hit some rocks and wrecked. (Friday was supposed to be date night) Anyways I estimate they were going about 15-20 mph and ended up with pretty bad road rash.

My nerves were tore up. The accident happened about 2pm, leaving work wasn’t an option because two other girls at work had taken off for vacations and I was the ONLY person in office to take cash payments. 4 hours seemed like forever.

I sent my mom to the hospital to be with them since they had went via ambulance. Also the finance was NOT answering the phone for my calls and I was freaking the fuck out. Like for-real!

Mom gets there and we remain on facetime the REST of my work day. And by the time I got off at 6pm they were ready to be discharged. So I went to pick them up. Thanking God they were able to be picked up.

What I wasn’t ready for is the aftermath. Coming home to a dirty house with whiny people who I still had to cook dinner for. BUT I did it.

Saturday, I had to work 9-1,again, because everyone is on vacation. Saturday after work I was gonna go get my nails filled in because they look like shit (and still do, I still haven’t got them done still) But I came straight home because Isaiah (finance) can’t walk due to a sprained ankle, and all my boys have to eat. So the rest of the day was spent taking care of and looking after the boys.

Sunday, was the worst. I drove myself crazy cleaning. Not wanting them to catch infection in such big wounds plus the usual Sunday chore, 50 million loads of laundry. Cooked 3 meals that day and cleaned up after them. Still dressed and redressed wounds and so far everyone is still alive.

I don’t know how SAHM do it, I’m tired just from the weekend.

I’m not gonna lie Isaiah does most of the cooking. Damn, I miss that. It’s literally been two days. He’s not good at cleaning but the man can cook. So that’s our silent unspoken compromise. I clean and he cooks. Sunday was stressful because I literally spent the whole day just feeling like a butler, chef, maid and nurse in one. I felt like I worked a 12 hour shift and not a desk job either, a physical one.

I went back to work today, the guys are still recovering. On lunch break I re-dressed the bandages, reheated and fed them all spaghetti left overs and took me a plate to go. Bottom line= I’m still stressed af and tired but I’m managing. Also, I commend SAHM, I couldn’t do this every-single day over and over again.

But that’s been life the past few days. I will get back to the advice column ASAP. I promise.

A Few pix of the aftermath. Road Rash Sucks.

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