Why do I attract, what I attract?

Dear Missguidedqueen,

I am 35 and a single mother to 3 children. I recently separated from someone who I thought was someone I would spend the rest of my life with.But I go that one wrong too. I haven’t had luck with men recently, so I am feeling battered and bruised emotionally.

I’m wondering why I attract these people and why I can’t just find happiness and keep it rather than it just being taken away where I’m left to blame myself. Why?

Dear Anonymous,

First, I think that you’re putting too much pressure on the idea that a relationship means happiness. I think you have some serious deep soul searching to do to find out what truly makes YOU happy. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. – You need to be able to answer a few questions like, What are my strengths, What are my weaknesses, What do I like, What do I dislike, What are my patterns in past relationships, What type of future do I want, What are my short term goals, What are my long time goals, What do I like about myself, What are areas I need to work on within myself, What things do I desire in a partner, What are things I can offer a partner and write out the answers to these questions. And I mean don’t just give yourself superficial answers, you need to dig deep and find out who YOU ARE ALONE.

After you find out who you are, you will start to show confidence in yourself and that is sexy. Once you’re confident with who you are and who you’re not refer back to the list you made about what you desire in a partner. Please note that once you’re confident and know who you are and what you bring to the table your choice in a partner WILL CHANGE.

Law of attraction works with relationships HEAVILY. This means whatever you put in your thoughts, dreams, needs or speech is what you will get back in real life. So look at that list, make a few changes and KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED FROM A PARTNER. Once you really know what you want and are the best happy version of yourself you will attract that in return.

Sooooo…. to answer your question as to why you attract these people. It’s the type of negative thoughts or ideas that you’re putting off and it’s attracting the types of men you do not want. Don’t just settle, pick a good partner and take time to make that choice. A life partner isn’t something you rush into.

Best of Luck!!!!!

Keep sending questions!!!! Missguidedqueens@gmail.com

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