Advice Anyone?

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My one month anniversary of this blog is approaching quickly and to celebrate I want to open a page of my website dedicated to giving advice and answering life’s toughest questions.

Have you guys ever read Dear Abby? Dear Abby is an advice column that is ran in most newspapers nationwide.

What is an advice column? An advice column contains a question from an anonymous person and a well thought out solution to their personal issue by the columnist.

People are drawn to advice columns because we want to stay anonymous, while getting a solution to our problem. Sometimes we need advice from people who are not close friends because we need true non biased answers. It also can be easier to digest if it’s from someone we don’t know. I don’t know about ya’ll but I still read these because sometimes I can relate and sometimes they’re just juicy. Other people could also be having your same problem, the answer could benefit many people and only one needs the courage to ask (even though they’re always anonymous). Knowing that others experience similar problems helps us feel like we’re not alone.

I’ve decided to dedicate a special part of my blog to helping people. This is my main passion and what lead me to pursue a degree in psychology. As some of you know I’m training now to become a life/business coach, which is another reason I think opening an advice column is super rad, because I can practice coming up with solutions FAST. I personally also like to solve problems (anything expect math though) and have an array of personal life experience including trauma, rape/molestation, addiction, family issues, single parenting, step-parenting, parenting in general, work life balance, work school life balance, marriage, divorce, and sex. Of course I have many others, that is just my short list.

I encourage you ALL to ask me a question or present a situation that you need help with. All issues will be considered, I’m open to helping all people. Now that I’ve got you interested, you can email questions to put advice in the subject line. Also, you can message me on Facebook as well. Of course everyone will stay anonymous, I will post questions and my response to this blog as they start coming in.

Lets Call it: Dear, Missguidedqueen

I’m very excited guys, I hope ya’ll are too. Look forward to hearing from you all soon!!!

And don’t forget to follow by email, so you get all the juicy stuff delivered to your inbox. Facebook @missguidedqueen

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