Changing how you think could improve your mood.

Thinking positive has many many benefits. It will reduce stress levels, and bad moods. It can help increase libido, spontaneity and social awareness.

Positivity is something I learned a few years ago and put into practice in my daily life. I was a psychology major in college so we learned about the power of the mind A LOT!

Okay but how do you put it into action? Good Question. Here’s how.

#1. You must realize that every circumstance is a neutral fact, it is neither good nor bad. It is your thoughts on the situation that determine how you feel about that circumstance in particular. For example if you say it’s an ugly day out, that is a thought. You think that the day is ugly. However, if you rephrase the sentence to say, it is raining outside, that is a fact. So it’s not an ugly day, it’s a rainy day. Be clear and not subjective.

so #2. Reduce the negative adjectives (descriptive words) in your vocabulary. Try to think plainly about things at first just to erase these negative words. – Practice talking yourself through the circumstance so you can realize the neutrality of it. – Ex: My car just broke down,this is terrible, I hate this POS, its always something with this stupid car. —– Change to, My car needs TLC right now, so it can last another 150xxx miles and I can get to work.

That part is important. Your thoughts are the key to EVERYTHING.

so #3. Replace with gratitude. Being thankful for what you have is a BIG way to reduce negativity and change your thinking. Sticking with the example above, be thankful you have and car, and be thankful of all the places the car can take you (like to work, be thankful for work too). Just stop and say I’m lucky to have the ability to have a car, thank goodness I have AAA (hopefully you do).

Changing the way you think will improve your mood because once your thinking changes, your feelings will change. Your internal thoughts create how you feel, be it good or bad. The way your interpret a circumstance determines how you feel about it. Like I said before circumstances are ALWAYS neutral.

When you think good you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good. Our feelings drive our actions (or sometimes our inaction). And our actions determine our circumstances, so it really comes full circle.


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  1. I’m so happy you chose to talk about this! I’ve had to change my way of thinking in just the last 5 months to help with the stresses I’ve dealt with lately. It has helped with me having a happy and healthy pregnancy. Plus, you know, having you as a friend to talk to and your blogs to read helps put my life in a positive perspective.

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