Girl, you really don’t have to be online half naked.

I was looking on Instagram today and I noticed I follow a lot of female influencers. I like to promote women, I like to buy from women and I like to uplift woman, that’s just my mission in life.

However, after I started looking through the profiles I finally became aware of the simple similarities of the photos. THEY’RE ALL HALF NAKED.

As a women, trying to gain attention do we really have to be almost naked? Do we really have to post every good bikini pic we take? Do we really have to pose so the camera can see we have a big butt? Is it really helpful to leave our blouses a lil less buttoned when in a business meeting?


If that is your goal, then have at it. I don’t hate. But I will say that you don’t have to subject your value as how your body looks or is shaped. Confidence is sexy, rather you’re showing skin or not.

This is an unpopular opinion but I think men would benefit if these types of images (porn included, even though it’s far reaching I know) were less available. It’s just with rape culture becoming increasingly popular it’s a scary thought that some random man (person) could believe he deserves you/ me/ our bodies just because he wants it. The ease of which a person can go online and find sex is appalling these days (don’t worry I’m sure this will become it’s own separate post later). It’s not hard to find sex and a woman’s body isn’t loved or admired for what it should be for. Growing a whole human and giving birth.

I even got caught in doing this in one of my own ig posts. I posted just a pic neck down (t-shirt and shorts on nothing crazy) when promoting my new blog release but I realized that’s not the following I want.

I want to reach WOMEN about women’s issues. I’m not trying to appeal to men. Even though I totally love men and if you guys want to read my blogs please feel free. I’m not saying I don’t want men to read my stuff just that I’m not going to post myself half naked to appeal and get more clicks.

I love the beauty of a woman’s body. We are beautifully made and create miracles ourselves within our bodies. Our bodies only became sexualized to excite the opposite sex (which really isn’t our problem) and society today promotes sexualization of women, at all ages (just think about lil beauty pageants and the amount of make up, or dance recitals when young girls shake the booty like nikki minaj, and I could go on).

I just want to clarify that I’m decent looking (I think) not some ugly broad just trying to shame others. I only wish to promote a conversation. I will always encourage women to do what makes them happy, even if it’s something I wouldn’t do myself. That’s the beauty of being supportive and we should all be supportive of each other. But girl, you really don’t have to be online half naked.

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