What are Travel Goals?

And Why Should We Have Them?

Travel goals are the places you want to visit and you are actively saving money to achieve it. If you’re new to travel or don’t have alot of extra income you can start small with just a road trip to a near by city or town. Start by thinking of something you know you’re interested in, (rather it be an activity like fishing, birdwatching, swimming, hiking, skydiving, museums, broadway, sports, or shopping) then pick a place where you can do that activity. Start with a daytrip if you’re uncomfortable traveling. Just last weekend, me, my boys and my guy went to this cute town about an hour and a half away from where we live (still rural NC). Lake Lure has a beach and we were able to rent a boat. Also, has a little downtown area called Chimney Rock with hiking and gem mines and restaurants and its ALL on the Broad River in the mountains. We went to the Gem mine too AND saw a WILD snake near the river front. We left at 9am and made it back home about 11pm. It was the perfect day and we all had a blast.

I’ve taken larger trips too, I love to travel. But something about this trip made me want to get to know the area closest to me, my home state. It made me think about where else I wanted to visit that is near by. I like history, so I started searching and have goaled (my word, and you can’t have it) about 4 more places nearby that could be daycations (also my word). So I still plan on taking big trips to far away places, but the little trips are better for my budget. I have one big travel goal as of now, and it is to go back to SO CAL! I have a little app called Hopper that tells me when cheap flights to so cal are happening for the time of year I want. Airbnb is my go to over hotels and I can’t wait to watch the California sunset! But that will realistically be sometime (probably FAll of 2020).

Why do we need travel goals though? Well honestly, Traveling makes us healthier. Having new positive experiences, feeding your mind, and relaxing your body all have positive results for our body,mind and spirit. Stress is one of the most devastating health precursors in the U.S. We are over worked and under vacationed. Stress causes cortisol to overproduce, which turns off our immune system and leaves us sick and tired, literally. Stress comes in many forms but our employment, for most of us, is our biggest stressor. If we take a break from work, from social media, from the negative news, and from ourselves we can enjoy time with our families and enjoy new places and surrounding and benefit by a reduction in cortisol. Another reason for travel goals is to spend time with the people we love. Busy work schedules mean that you’re probably not enjoying your family. You may feel that you have to work because of them. However, as a parent you need that connection with your children, or maybe as an adult child you want to spend time with your parents, it is important that we have the connections. These connections also make us happier and if they’re healthy connections, even help to lower stress.

Even if it’s only for a day. Find a travel goal. Love your people.

Your body and mind will thank you

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